Having a Good Self-Concept

Probably no single factor has a greater impact on your total health  than yourself-concept. When your self-concept is good, you are at best mentally, physically, morally, emotionally, and socially. You are usually happy with yourself and get along well with other. You are able to bounce back quickly after a loss, and your appearance.

For those reasons, having a good self-concept is an important goal to work toward, There are a number of ways of reaching this goal. Here are three:

  • Focus on your successes. Congratulate yourself when you succeed at something, and work at increasing your chances for future success. Remember, success builds confidence, and confidence is part of a good self-concept.
  • Pay attention to the messages you give yourself. Negative messages come not only from other people but, sometimes, from ourselves. When you find that you are giving yourself a negative message, find a more positive way of putting it. Don't tell yourself, for example, that you are slow because it takes you a long time to finish your homework. Instead, tell yourself that you are careful and thorough.
  • Turn to people you are close to for help when you need it. Everyone needs help now and again. People who care about you will be more likely to give support in a way that builds, rather than breaks down, your self-concept.
When you build a positive self-concept, you give yourself the power and  confidence to take on life's challenges.


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